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Boiler Replacement Calculations

A common role of Plumbing and Heating Engineers is to calculate the size of replacement central heating boilers so that they are properly matched to household demands.

At present, the way in which this is carried out is limited due to:

  • Data & calculations are recorded and carried out by hand
  • Difficulty in adequately addressing combination boilers/ DHW demand
  • Difficulty in covering all domestic property scenarios

Sutherland Tables Home Heating Calculator takes all of the above shortcomings into account and allows a heating engineer to accurately and automatically calculate the appropriate size of replacement central heating boiler for any domestic property.

Our Whole-house approach is BS-EN12831-1 compliant for resizing replacement boilers

Easy to Use

The Home Heating Calculator has an easy to use interface but is supported in the background to provide comprehensive data outputs including fuel and innovation technology options as found in BRE SAP 10 (Build Research Establishment Standard Assessment Procedure) to demonstrate compliance with regional Building Regulations.

The Home Heating Calculator also enables Plumbing and Heating Engineers to demonstrate to the home owner how costly in terms of £s running costs and tonnes of carbon emitted their existing installation is compared to running costs and carbon emissions from proposed replacement boilers and/or alternative technologies and fuels.

Calculate Comparitive Differences

Additionally, the calculator enables Plumbing and Heating Engineers to demonstrate to the home owner comparative differences that could be achieved should they consider applying energy efficiency improvements to their home such as double or triple glazing, increased loft insulation, the addition of cavity wall insulation, etc

In summary Sutherland Tables Home Heating Calculator can provide a comparison of the current and potential home heating costs and Carbon Efficiency ranking of a property

Use the Home Heating Calculator

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